Beginner Photography Classes

Essential Photography Course

Learn how to take control of your camera, break free from auto mode, and see the world as a professional photographer.

Fundamentals Of Digital Photography

This beginner course is meant to help you master your digital camera (at least your smartphone camera) so you can turn your good pictures into great photographs.

Mirrorless Camera Basics

This is a basic online photography course and is designed for those with a DSLR or Mirrorless camera who want to take better images. You have got the camera. Let’s see what it can really do.

Courses To Upgrade Skills

Travel Photography Course

See the world with new eyes as you learn how to photograph wildlife and landscapes the way they do in National Geographic.

Nature and Landscape Photography

Learn everything you need to know about outdoor photography to capture the beauty in the world around us.

Portrait Photography Course

Learn how to work with subjects of all kinds as you define your visual style and gain tips for opening up your own studio.

Photojournalism Course

Learn how to document the world around you, tell a visual story with your photographs, and inspire.

Business For Photographers

Learn the business skills you need to know in order to make money with your camera and succeed as a professional photographer.

Why Us

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We offer three basic courses for beginners and five advanced courses to upgrade your skills online. Each course is divided into topical lessons packed with learning content supported with video tutorials and interesting additions. After each topic, you are offered to complete a task. Send it to us and receive professional notes, guides, and personal advice.

From image composition and camera settings to lighting and photo editing techniques - choose a course that works for you.

Jason Oliverson professional photographer and digital artist